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We've worked with hundreds of clients helping them uncover the root causes of their health problems. Read their stories of success with Bluestem Nutrition and see why proper testing, and customized protocols gets RESULTS!

Eczema Case Study

The Problem:

(Cora)  37 year old female came in for extreme skin itching and eczema.  Her skin bothered her all the time, but was worse at night, itching until it bled.  She had been to dermatologists for 10 years and had been on steroid creams and other medications, which sometimes helped for a while, but she was still miserable.  She heard from a friend that the skin might be linked to her internal gut health, so she came in to see if she could get help.  Cora did a comprehensive gut test and a specialized food sensitivity test, which showed that she was highly reactive to lots of the foods she was eating.  Her gut test revealed high amounts of bad bacteria, and a raging yeast overgrowth, creating the “perfect storm” for eczema to flourish.

The Solution:

Cora was placed on a customized protocol, lasting 12 weeks. This protocol healed the internal environment in her gut, clearing the bacteria and yeast from the inside out. This allowed her eczema and itchiness to disappear. During our work together, she noticed her ‘brain fog’ disappeared, regular bowel movements returned, and her energy drastically improved!

GERD  Case Study

The Problem:

(Joe)  48 year old male experienced ongoing gut pain, to the point where he was sleeping on the couch because he tossed and turned so much at night he would continually waken his wife. He was on antacid medication for acid reflux disease (GERD),  he had always enjoyed long distance running, but found that slowly over the past couple years it was too uncomfortable to run, his side hurt, and it felt like there was a brick in his gut when he ran.  He recently had to cut out all spicy and fatty foods, as those caused the most gut pain.

The Solution:

We started by healing the underlying cause of his acid reflux, and did a gut test, which revealed that Joe had an impaired digestive ability, need for gallbladder support, and he also had a significant bacterial overgrowth in his small intestine.  

Result:  Joe followed a customized healing program for 3 months, which restored his digestive capacity,  cleared out his gallbladder so it could function normally, and eradicated the bacterial overgrowth.  It has been a year and a half since his protocol, and Joe has had no gut pain or acid reflux and is back to distance running and feeling great.  

IBS Case Study

The Problem:

(Chris) 36 year old male had gut pain for years, sometimes worse than others, with no apparent reason,  he also had random bouts of diarrhea,  sometimes having up to 6  bowel movements per day.  and noticed he felt full easily when eating a meal.  Chris had been diagnosed with IBS a year before finding my office.  By the time he came in, he was downright miserable.  He couldn’t eat most foods, as so many things made his gut hurt.

The Solution:

I ordered a GI MAP test  (which analyzes a stool sample), so we could get an in-depth look at what was actually causing the gut pain and loose stools. Chris’s test results came back with 2 different parasites, a gut infection, and a severe yeast overgrowth.  (the highest I’d ever seen).   He finally had answers to why he was so miserable!  I also ordered a food sensitivity test of 150 different foods and food chemicals, which showed he was reactive to many foods he was eating daily!   I created a customized protocol using strong botanical agents to eradicate the yeast and parasites living in his GI tract,  rebuild his beneficial gut flora,  restore his immune system, and heal his fragile intestinal lining.  Chris followed a specific diet that eliminated his reactive foods, and included lots of healing foods that would not feed the pathogens further.  

Results:  Chris’s healing plan was 16 weeks long,  I had him check in with me every 3 weeks during this time, so I was up to date with any and all changes he was experiencing.  Chris had a complete turnaround in his health, his gut pain and bathroom trips resolved, his energy and appetite returned, and he is thrilled he can now eat the things he was previously so reactive to!  

Leaky Gut Case Study

The Problem:

(Connie) 42 year old busy mom came to see me because she was so tired of dealing with her Auto immune illness, Hashimoto’s.  She was fatigued often, she dealt with constipation, brain fog, dry skin, and she noticed she was losing a lot of hair.   She knew there had to be a better answer than the constant medications.  she also experienced cramps in her abdomen on and off, and couldn’t tolerate lots of foods.  She said she had already taken gluten, dairy and sugar out of her diet and it only helped a little.  Her diet was becoming more restrictive, as it seemed every week there were new foods that would give her stomachaches and either diarrhea or constipation.  

The Solution:

We did a highly specialized gut test on her, assessing her digestion ability, her gut bacteria, and looking for infections or pathogens and inflammation in her GI.

Result:  Connie’s testing showed she had a very compromised ability to break down foods, her digestive system wasn’t working the way it should,  which means she wasn’t absorbing nutrients from her food!  She also had ‘leaky gut’, which put her immune system in constant overdrive.   Connie followed a customized protocol and diet to address all of the findings on the test, which reversed the symptoms she had lived with for years!  She had renewed mental clarity and energy,  Connie followed the protocol faithfully for 12 weeks,  and has been happily symptom free for over 2 years.

Hormones Case Study

The Problem:

(Denise)  64 year old woman came in explaining that over the last year she noticed she had to urinate frequently, and also had begun having ‘accident’s’  (urinary incontinence).  She hesitated to leave her house, for fear of having an ‘accident’ in a store or restaurant.

The Solution:

I ordered blood work and a hormone panel on her, to test her metabolic markers, including blood glucose and insulin, and her female hormones estrogen and progesterone.  We found her hormones were very low (which is common in post-menopausal women).  After two weeks on her hormone support protocol,  Denise called to say she was no longer having urinary accidents or urinary frequency. Denise followed her healing protocol for 8 weeks, which stopped the frequent bathroom trips and urinary dribbling.  

Allergies Case Study

The Problem:

(Sara)   56 year old woman came in to see me because she had been suffering from allergies most of her life.  Sara was tired of popping allergy meds constantly.  If she spent time near grass or lots of trees,  her eyes would get puffy and itch, her throat would get scratchy and she would sneeze.  she was also allergic to cats and dogs, and she also would get cold sores if she ate citrus fruits,  Sara seemed to also have a lot of other foods she couldn’t eat.

The Solution:

I explained to Sara, the link between gut health and allergies.   When we tested her gut, I was not surprised to see that she had very low levels of the beneficial flora we need in our gut to maintain a healthy immune system and avoid allergies. The GI test also showed inadequate enzyme output, inflammation in her colon, and an overgrowth of bad bacteria.  Sara followed the customized protocol and diet I created for her to heal her entire gut and digestive system,  and within 4 weeks she said she saw huge improvement;   she realized she had not needed any of her allergy medicine in days, and her face and hands were visibly less puffy.  After 8 weeks on the protocol, she said she was able to sit in grass and be near her parents house in the country with absolutely no allergy symptoms.

Auto Immune Case Study

The Problem:

(Matt) 42 year old male called my office explaining that he caught colds easily, he seemed to get sick easily and frequently, and noticed he felt strung out and exhausted more than he used to.  He had started gaining weight over the last year, despite having a job where he was constantly moving and a busy family life that kept him on the go.  He wanted to know if I could help.

The Solution:

We did some blood work and discovered a chronic viral load in his body that was a constant drain on his immune system.   He also showed signs of an under-active thyroid,  (despite being told by his regular doctor that it was ‘normal’).  Matt followed a customized protocol that finally brought his immune system into balance, he also took specific nutrients that allowed his thyroid to restore it’s optimal function.

Result:  It has been 10 months since his protocol, and Matt has had no colds or other signs of illness, his energy has returned, and his weight has normalized.  He promises in the coming year to do follow up blood work to make sure things have stayed optimal.

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