Natalie Steen, NTP, RWP

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Restorative Wellness Practitioner

AutoImmune Paleo Certified Coach

Meet Natalie

Natalie is an integrative health practitioner, and an educator in the health and wellness field. She thrives on helping her clients restore robust health and vitality, through optimizing all of the body’s systems. Natalie uses a fact-based approach to uncover why a client may be suffering from chronic conditions.

In a time when illness is on the rise, and chronic conditions are at epidemic proportions in the US, Natalie faces these complexities head-on. She addresses each client’s unique challenges, giving hope and real answers to people suffering from chronic and common conditions that conventional medicine is unable to resolve. Natalie successfully supports clients with even the most complicated health issues; multiple autoimmune illness, Crohn’s disease, IBS, Colitis, skin conditions, chronic allergies and food reactions, fatigue, detoxification impairments and many others.

Her efforts lead the charge in curative solutions, unlike western medicine that is highly flawed and incomplete, leaving people with little answers. People are fed up with taking medications that cover up the symptom instead of solving the underlying problem.

Natalie views healthcare as a collaborative process and she works closely with her clients throughout their healing. Much of her time is devoted to lab analysis and interpretation, to identify factors that block and prevent healing, and in developing customized protocols and diets.Natalie’s passion is evident in her dedication to ongoing studies in her field. She enjoys keeping up with the latest research, especially in the evolving study of the microbiome, also known as our gut bacteria.

During the fall and spring, she teaches for Restorative Wellness Solutions, a Functional Nutrition Certification Program for qualified health professionals. She maintains regular office hours during teaching months and is always available to support her clients through their healing program.

Natalie enjoys hiking, berry picking, kayaking and all the ways she can spend time outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Natalie's Leadership Positions and Professional Affiliations

Certified Autoimmune Paleo Coach
Chapter Leader for the Weston A Price Foundation
Member, Price- Pottenger Nutrition Foundation
Member, Nutritional Therapy Association
Instructor for Restorative Wellness Solutions
Staff Nutritionist for Vigor Natural Health
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