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This is the happiest my stomach has been in SO long! And I have days now where my ring is falling off! The puffiness and inflammation is just down down down.

Jennifer S.
Vancouver, WA

I was extremely limited on what foods I could eat before I went to you for help. I was miserable. I had tried many kinds of alternative medicine for years trying to get help, which only offered temporary relief. After going through a gut healing plan with you, I can finally eat most foods that I avoided for years, with no side effects!

Matt C.
Vancouver, WA

I just want to thank you so much for helping me with my GI system. I truly feel indebted to you. When I spoke to you last, all was well but, unbeknownst to me, my body had not completely healed. Now it consistently works like a new Cadillac engine and I can eat everything I want! It’s pretty amazing! I am so happy that I was able to go to you for help. I wish you the very best, and feel lucky for those clients who have yet to experience your expertise.

Sandy K.
Vancouver, WA

Hey amazing lady! You are the hardest working woman I know! I’m happy you’re still out there solving your clients struggles, and changing lives for the better! don’t forget about all of us who were your first year clients, in your very first program, the “original gangsters” that put you on the map!!

Julie B.
Vancouver, WA

I had been to countless doctors, but no one ever knew what was going on, and I never really got any help. All of that changed when I started working with Natalie. It was very clear that she had full confidence in the ability to fix my gut issues, and her program delivered on that promise! I am back to my old self, feel better than I have in many years, and even working out again.

Scott K.
Vancouver, WA

I felt like I had tried everything. Had cut out so many different foods, ate such a clean diet, tried so many supplements, I felt like I should know how to heal my own gut, I had read everything and was doing all the right things, but still had so much bloating, and yucky belly feeling, I just needed help and was so sick of feeling cruddy. This program changed my life. I could sum it up by saying- This program is an island of clarity in a sea of confusion. : )

Tanya S.
Vancouver, WA

Natalie has been one of my biggest blessings. I, like many of my friends, have not found some answers to medical issues either through the medical community or naturopathic practitioners. I did finally find those answers through functional nutrition therapy with Natalie. I learned that in her practice, any guess work is eliminated. With her in depth training, she analyses the lab results returned to her from labs that have earned her trust. If healing is what you truly desire, then Natalie Steen is the go-to person you need.

Shelagh K.
Vancouver, WA

I used to have a lot of panic and anxiety and now there are days it’s 3:00 in the afternoon and I realize I’ve had no panic or anxiety, nor have I taken any CBD like I always used to have to rely on! I always felt like it was connected to my gut issues. Thank you for showing me the way!

Marissa C.
Vancouver, WA

Where do I start? Natalie helped me so much with all my gut issues. I was to the point where I was miserable all the time and couldn't focus on anything but my stomach feeling bloated and feeling ill. After 3+ months with Natalie's help, I felt like a new person! This is not just made-up stuff, it's the real deal!

Austen R.
Vancouver, WA

What’s changed? That’s easy - No more omeprazole, no more heartburn, no more gut pain. It’s pretty cool. And I lost 15 pounds just by solving my gut issues.

Jason P.
Vancouver, WA

Your clinical acumen and ability to interpret complex tests with accuracy, has made you a top notch practitioner. Your clients are lucky to have you.

Dr. B
Vancouver, WA

I just started, and I am just delighted with the protocol. Even though it will take some self training. I am confident this will take care of my gut problem. Thanks so much!

Sue C.
Vancouver, WA

My naturopathic doctor referred me to Natalie because she was at a loss for why I still had loose stools after all the diet and supplement changes we made. Natalie did testing that showed I had a bacterial pathogen in my GI tract, and after the protocol she had me on, I have never dealt with frequent bathroom trips since!

Gale M.
Vancouver, WA

Before finding Natalie, I was told I needed to have gallbladder surgery. I heard through a friend that he worked with Natalie and reversed his gallbladder condition, so I thought I’d try it before doing surgery. It was an intense few weeks on the protocol, but it was worth it! The pain was gone, we saved my gallbladder, Plus, Natalie tells you what you need to do to keep it that way.

Steve M.
Vancouver, WA

I started working with Natalie after a friend recommended her to me for my allergies and fatigue. She did some testing and said I was very low in a couple nutrients needed for energy. She also did a gut test and I followed a protocol for healing my gut, which eliminated my allergies! This was over a year ago. My allergies are a thing of the past, and I can recall that level of fatigue I had back then, it’s never been back! Oh, and this is with no medication of any kind.

Sarah M.
Vancouver, WA

Natalie cares a lot about her clients, and goes above and beyond. She came highly recommended by my naturopathic doctor, and I’m very thankful to have her on my health team!

Patti E.
Vancouver, WA

I called you because I heard you could help with IBS, which I had for years, and not only did we solve that, but you also found autoimmune markers that we were able to fix before they were even diagnosed. I tell everyone to go see you because you use more complete testing than other doctors and you take the time to figure out all that’s going on.

Chris S
Vancouver, WA

We have been so thankful for Natalie’s guidance and knowledge with the diagnosis of my sons Crohn’s. Within one month of making the changes she asked of us, he was already about 50% better! We are still at the beginning of working with you, but I know that with your help, we will get there!

Hannah S.
Vancouver, WA

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