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Revolutionize your health from the inside out 

So you can breakthrough your toughest symptoms and live the life you’ve been waiting for!

Mini Clinics is the game-changing program and community you’ve been looking for!

YOU  have a dream to uncover the root of your issues, so you can get the real you back

WE  have the clinical expertise, support, and natural solutions, to make it happen-  a lot quicker and easier than you imagined.

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exhausted from the moment you wake up in the morning
like your body has turned against you, and you don’t know what it’s going to throw at you next
frustrated that you can’t figure out what foods you should or shouldn’t be eating that trigger symptoms
 resentful that your doctor tells you there’s nothing wrong or your labs are ‘normal’ when you know you shouldn’t feel like this
 constantly worried you’re going to catch the next illness, your immune system isn’t strong
wondering if you have ‘leaky gut’ and what it really is  (and how to reverse it)
like the body you have now, doesn’t fit you.  (where’s the old me that looked so great?)  
worried that your illness is going to be life long, or that you’ll always need medication
 constantly stressed about your health because it holds you back from doing what you really want to do
not enough energy or stamina to do the things you used to do
tired of feeling like your brain just doesn’t process things as quickly as you used to
inflamed and in pain
The solution is not more doctor visits or more medication

I can help you reclaim the body and life you deserve,  working with your body’s innate wisdom,  not against it!

You deserve to thrive.   But what’s your plan to make it happen?

You probably already have tried many things:

changing your diet
hiring a health coach
doing testing at a doctor
reading health books
 following a health guru’s detox plan

All those things can help somewhat.

If I can tell you any secret behind my success as a practitioner,  it is that healing the body from the inside out requires a very comprehensive plan.

There is a bigger secret that brings it all together.

Transformation starts with knowing what the cause of the symptoms are!(hint;  you do not have a Prozac deficiency, or a statin deficiency, or a metformin deficiency)

Medications do nothing to reverse internal dysfunction and inflammation at their root cause.

It’s frustrating to ‘get stuck’ with your health, and it often brings up a lot of fears: 

I’m going to have nothing left I can safely eat
 what if I never have the energy to play with my kids (or grandkids)
 I’m going to have to work too hard to get well
there’s no one who can help me, no one truly gets what I’m going through
 I’ve already tried everything
no one seems to even know what it is I have

And that’s when people usually find me and my work.

Because they feel stuck,  they are looking for a missing puzzle piece to get their life back. 

To restore their health completely. 

For good. 

Without another dead end or empty promise. 

Maybe you’ve read a lot online about functional medicine, or root cause healing, but you need guidance on what exactly to do.  What applies to you. 

You know what gets you answers?

Not a sexier detox diet.  

Definitely not working harder.

The answer-  you need to work with a practitioner skilled in reversing the internal imbalances.  

In your gut.

In your glands.

In your hormones.

In the very cells that make up every organ system in your body. 

Are you ready for yours?

Mini Clinics is a culmination of years of clinical practice.  I have curated a program to provide you with solutions to the
most requested health issues we see in our practice!

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What is included:

For 6 Sessions
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What 3 daily habits should you be implementing to give yourself resiliency?
What to do to recover fast, when you’re sick
What should you always have on hand to keep your immune system strong
Get access to The exact protocol I use with my one on one clients
Do you suffer every spring and fall-  itchy eyes,  runny nose,  congestion, sneezing, fatigue,  itchy skin?
Get my 5 step approach to knocking out allergies for good
Hint;  Allergies are an inflammatory process,  and involve 4 organ systems!
You’ll get the exact protocol I use with clients to reverse allergies, rather than just cover up the symptoms! 
Do you have food sensitivities and react to more things than you used to?
Do you have constipation or loose stool that is a daily frustration, with no known cause?
Learn what’s happening inside when you have leaky gut, and how to heal your intestines and prevent further damage!
Are you wondering if you’re going to have to avoid coffee and spicy food the rest of your life?  (answer- nope!)
Let’s get this delicate mucosal tissue HEALED, so you can optimize your digestion!
Long term chronic reflux increases the risk of esophageal cancer,   AND this condition is completely reversible!
Get your digestion working properly, so reflux can become a thing of the past
You’ll get the exact protocol I use with clients to restore the health of their GI tract
When is the last time you felt really really good?   Excited to get up and get the day started?  
Do you hit an afternoon slump,  and find yourself reaching for coffee or a treat, to keep yourself going?
Do you feel like you are ‘pushing through’, just going through the motions, trying to override a deep underlying fatigue?  (maybe you don’t even know it’s there)
Let’s restore your core energy!  The vitality that was once you.  
Your ‘life force’ blueprint is still within you,  your body hasn’t forgotten
In this session,  you’ll get the solutions to reverse the pattern of exhaustion, so you are burning bright and not burning out!
Has your doctor tested your thyroid and told you it’s fine,  yet you’re still suffering?
Are you on thyroid medication and still have symptoms?
I’ll show you why,  and what this powerful little gland is most dependent on
It’s completely possible to bring your thyroid gland back ‘online’ 
Every single cell in your body uses thyroid hormone!  Yup, it’s that critical.
Get the protocol that works and start feeling the difference!
Is your skin giving you grief?   Do you feel like you’re in a never ending mystery- what’s it going to react to now?
Your skin is a mirror of what’s going on internally!
Skin issues are not ‘skin issues’  they are a deeper imbalance in your microbiome that are coming out in your skin. 
Topical steroids or creams do nothing to address the underlying cause of skin conditions
Get the healing hacks you need,  to put a stop to the frustrating eczema, psoriasis, or hives that pop up, seemingly randomly!
Do you feel stressed or triggered, easier than in the past? 
Do you have a hard time focusing,  and feel ‘scattered’ a lot?
Re-wiring your nervous system is completely within your reach!
This process expands your nervous system capacity and breathes new life into an over-burdened system
Learn the tools to effectively re-wire your nervous system
It is your birthright to be here (in your life)  fully,  and to be alive!  
You deserve life changing results!
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The solution is not more doctor visits or more medication

I can help you reclaim the body and life you deserve,  working with your body’s innate wisdom,  not against it!