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Revolutionize your hormone health from the inside out 

So you can breakthrough your toughest symptoms and live the life you’ve been waiting for!

Happy Hormones is the game-changing program for women age 40 and better!

YOU  have a dream to enjoy the best years of your life with vitality, drive, and joy

WE  have the clinical expertise, support, and natural solutions,  to guide you to results-  a lot quicker and easier than you imagined.

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Exhausted from the moment you wake up in the morning
Like the body you have now doesn’t fit you.  (where’s the old me that looked so great?)  
Tired of feeling like your brain just doesn’t process things as quickly as you used to
Struggling to fall asleep and stay sleeping through the night
Feeling overheated during the day,   hot flashes, or night sweats
Like it’s hard to lose weight no matter how many diet changes you make (that annoying belly excess!)
More Impatient and irritable with others, overwhelmed easier than in the past.
Less social / withdrawing from others
Frustrating vaginal dryness, vaginal irritation,  low libido,  or bladder leaks
Like your joints are stiff and sore when you wake in the morning
Drier skin, wrinkles, or ‘crepey’ paper look,  thinning skin
Anxiety or depression that came on in mid-life or later
 Resentful that your doctor tells you there’s nothing wrong or your labs are ‘normal’ when you know you shouldn’t feel like this
Tired of the brain fog, forgetting things, forgetting names, clouded thinking
Worried about bone loss, having been told you have osteoporosis or osteopenia
Not enough energy or stamina to do the things you love
Inflamed and in pain
These are all symptoms of hormone imbalances in the body!

When your hormones start to fluctuate, some days even you’re not sure which version of you is going to show up!  (am I right?) 😊

Women are now spending up to half their life in menopause,  and despite popular thinking,  we absolutely CAN be our most vibrant, most joyful, and most healthy selves at this stage!
No struggle necessary.  No suffering necessary.  
Those uncomfortable and frustrating symptoms are totally unnecessary! 
Happy Hormones! program is your answer to: 

• My doctor says it’s normal to feel like this since I’m getting older.  “It’s just a part of aging.”

• My doctor isn’t fully answering my questions.  Or gives vague responses when I ask specific hormone questions

• My doctor says since I’m done with my reproductive years, that my body doesn’t need hormones anymore.

• “I’m tired of feeling like crap.”

These are things I hear every week from women in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, whom their doctors have dismissed,  or told it’s depression or anxiety and given all manner of medication from anti-depressants to sleeping pills, to beta blockers, to cholesterol-lowering medications, to dangerous synthetic hormone pills.
And no one has appropriately assessed their hormone levels!!!!
It's Heartbreaking 💔
There is a better way.
The solution is not more doctor visits or more medication

I can help you reclaim the body and life you deserve,  working with your body’s innate wisdom,  not against it!

You deserve to thrive.   But what’s your plan to make it happen?

You probably already have tried many things:

changing your diet
doing testing at a doctor
various online cleanses 
reading books on peri-menopause or menopause
exercising more

Transformation starts with knowing the underlying cause of the imbalances!    Many women do not recognize what they are experiencing is actually significant hormonal shifts internally that are causing changes in everything from their outlook on life,  to their feelings towards others,  to their levels of inflammation in their body, to their ability to maintain balanced blood sugar and balanced brain chemicals

If you are over age 40 and noticing changes that weren’t there some years ago,  I can promise you that hormonal imbalance is at play,  and often in a big way!

Are you ready?

Let’s crack open the code on hormone balance!!  

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Join me on this life-changing journey, and experience:
Hormone bliss  (no more frustrating symptoms sucking your life energy!)
Brain clarity, sharpness, and easier decision making  
Lighter and brighter mood and ease around others  :) 
Restore your 'vital force',  the drive and motivation that keeps you excited about the next thing!
Restore your natural feeling of desire (whether it's your libido, or your desire to do what you love in life!)  
Sleep better than you have in years 
Allow your body to naturally return to it's optimal weight  
Restore skin brightness, elasticity, and moisture
Restore your core energy, without having to push yourself through your days 
Your hormones are the single most important factor when it comes to how you feel in your body,  how you age,  and how you heal ! 
What we'll cover in this 6 week program:
 What actually is “peri-menopause” and “menopause”  what’s happening in my body during this time,  that triggers how I feel?
Obesogens and the 'silent steal' of your body's natural healing capacity
The single most important (and often least appreciated) hormone.  And the best ways to increase it!
The secret to accessing the mind / body connection from a functional perspective.  And how to "flip the switch" on metabolism- fast.
The symphony inside-  what goes up must come down
Busting the myths on diet,  what peri and post menopausal women should know FIRST!
How to switch out of stress mode and into 'ready for intimacy' mode, along with the most common blocks to sexual health, and how to address them.
How to improve your brain health as you age, and watch your mental clarity and sharpness return in less than 4 weeks!
Why your nervous system is the most important factor when it comes to stress of any kind, and how to increase your nervous system capacity,  so you have more power to respond in alignment with what you truly desire. 
And More!!

Are you ready for yours?

Happy Hormones! is a culmination of years of clinical practice.  I have curated a program to provide you with solutions to the
most requested hormone imbalances we see in our practice!

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The symphony Inside

The hormones in our body are like a complex symphony, if one musician is not showing up, or playing out of tune, the entire orchestra is affected and can’t play to their full ability!  
Hormones are so inter-connected and inter-dependent,  just like a symphony of musicians! 

What hormones are affected and change during this transitional time of life,  for women in their 40’s and beyond?

Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Cortisol, DHEA, Insulin, Thyroid, and more!!

This is your time.  And you deserve to thrive.
When armed with accurate information and the right solutions to balance your hormones naturally.
Wow, life is soooo much better!!!
You are coded for healing.
Your physiology is always moving toward regeneration and repair!
Start Healing!

You’ve likely read a lot online about your hormone symptoms, or root cause healing, but you need guidance…

You know what gets you answers?

Not a sexier detox diet.  

Definitely not working harder.

The answer-   working with a practitioner skilled in understanding the intricate symphony of hormones in your body, and how they affect;

Your brain

Your level of motivation, and ambition

Your glands

Your intimate life (your ability to even have an intimate life with your spouse)

Your ability to relax

Your levels of inflammation

Your skin

Your gut 

Your internal regulators of temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure

And much more!


We age at the rate our hormones decline!   (and this decline is happening earlier and earlier for women)

Hormone balancing therapy helps women heal.  In entirety. 

 It's the new way to practice functional health and nutrition.

It's based on straightforward physiology.

And it’s here to stay.

Happy Hormones!  Will give you the confidence that your 50's, 60's, 70's and beyond,  are a time of brilliance, optimal health,  energy, satisfaction, and fun ! 

Here’s how Happy Hormones is delivered:

Happy Hormones is both simple, and completely transformative.
It’s designed to be manageable and sit alongside your busy life

Weekly Live Q & A

Each week will unveil the next layer of your hormone healing.   Each week builds on the one before it,  at the end of the 6 weeks-  hormone happiness!

Exact Protocols

Get the exact protocols and recommendations we provide to our one on one clients! We’ll restore internal harmony and give your hormones a much needed lift

Optional Hormone Testing

You have the option to add on hormone testing, to look at your individual hormone levels!* 

*fee for testing not included in the program fee

Support Between Classes 

You get access to our private community (through an app),  to connect with Natalie and the other women in the program between classes.  

Replays Available

All live Q&A's are recorded for you,  If you need to miss a week, you won’t miss a beat! Replays of the classes are available to you throughout the 6 week program


Live group session one month after the program end. Let’s all get together and check in on how you’re doing, one month later!

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You deserve life changing results!